Winter Sports Thank Yous


By Kayla Woodman

    To all who have participated in winter sports this year, the Solon Spectrum would like to send a thank you for all of your hard work.  The teams have done an astronomical job this season, We killed it!  

    The girls basketball season has been hard-fought but strong this year, winning their first game against Harwood in 3 years!  This win represented maturity and growth throughout the team greater than I’ve seen alone in the whole entire school.  They’ve showed what a team is, is that after ever lose of games or that with every injury they’ve endured, they’ve stuck around and they’ve never gave up.  They stuck to what they believed in, the game and each other and they made the most out of the season  as a team. Congratulations to all involved with the girls’ basketball team, each and every one of you are a true representative of what a team is and looks like.

The Solons boys basketball team has flourished this season.  Last season was a winless season, but now, a rebound. They ended up with a 15-5 record and has hosted 2 play-off games.  A big congratulations goes out to Alvaro de Cordoba for being the highest scorer for the team. You did excellent this season! Your presence next season will be missed, but we will certainly remember you in spirit!  The JV team did amazing this season, and many will players next season will certainly be advanced to the varsity level.  Congratulations to all involved with the boys Solons basketball, may you only grow in future seasons!

The Nordic Skiing team has had a rough season due the compromise of the weather.  The obvious maturity and dedication of the team was outstanding and has not gone unnoticed. The weather did not cooperate this season, but the respect shown by each player on the team was amazing.  Congratulations and I hope all of you participate again next year!

Now a great big thank you goes out to all of the amazing coaches who have dedicated their time and energy to all of the teams.  The coaches have not only helped the teams improve but truly made the teams.  Every time the coaches came to practice, the amount of care that was shown was amazing.  Thank you to all the coaches who have dedicated their time into making a true team.  Your hard work is well appreciated.  

The coaches that’d we’d like to thank are…

Nick Foster and Patrick Tibbetts.  The boys’ basketball JV and Varsity did awesome this year thanks to you guys. Improvement and hard work was shown all season, and dedication was also shown. Thank you so much and I hope you continue coaching.  

Kylie Cowens and Logan Cooke.  The girls’ basketball team couldn’t have done it without you.  There was a lot of improvement and maturity shown all season that was shown thanks to the help of you guys and the team itself.  You have truly done a miracle this season.  Thank you.

Greg Gerdel.  The Nordic Skiing team had a difficult season due to the lack of snow but the season was great.  Thank you for volunteering your time to help the team.  Also for being willing to still be a part of the team even though the weather didn’t allow for much!  Thank you!

Last but not least David Pickel.  Boys hockey had a phenomenal season this year thank to you and the boys.  There was a lot of dedication shown and a lot of support that was shown through you.  The team did so amazing this year and that’s all thanks to you!

Shout out to Matt Link.  Matt has helped MHS a lot by making sure that we have sports team to play with and against.  Thank you Matt for everything, we certainly couldn’t have done this without you.