The Great Trix Trick

By William Toth


Photo by EyeShutterToThinkPhotography/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by EyeShutterToThinkPhotography/iStock / Getty Images

Schools across America are plagued by an insufficient quality of breakfast cereal. The universal problem with these (normally) tasty and fun snacks is the lack of them in schools. Next to no schools are willing to invest in proper Trix colors. 

As cereal connoisseur Aiden Murphy puts it, “The school system doesn’t provide fun colors”. Later in the interview he says that any good breakfast needs balance. As you can see in the photo (top), There is a clear lack of balance. 

This bowl of cereal is clearly very redshifted with colors such as purple red and orange. If they (Montpelier Public Schools) purchased more fun and varying colors we all would have a healthy balanced breakfast each day. 

We need to start asking ourselves the real question - if we have the opportunity to do something about this injustice, is it immoral to not? This is not a matter of having a fun snack, this is a public health and safety crisis.