Spring Sports 2016 - A Look Back

By Jackson Markow

This spring has been a very busy one for MHS sports.  In all 9 teams competing for the Solons, across 6 sports, success has come at least to some degree, whether in their record or in their knowledge, experience, or teamwork.  But if you weren’t able to attend every match, game, or tournament, here’s a recap of MHS’s sports happenings this spring.

Boys Lacrosse had a busy season.  “Major highlights of the season came every week,”  says coach Ian McAdorey, and he certainly has reason to say so.  Lacrosse this year was packed with important challenges throughout the season that tested the limits of the knowledge, teamwork and ability of all the players.  One of the most difficult challenges facing the boys lacrosse team this year was a lack of players.  While the team is a very close group, they were unable to have the full attendance of all 16 players at one game this year.  Another difficult moment came when playing Lamoille on senior night and just barely losing 8-9.  However, there were some great successes that came this year, such as the team being able to finally break MHS’s losing streak with U-32 in their sole victory this season.  Coach McAdorey distilled his thoughts on this year’s boys lacrosse season by quoting Shakespeare: “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers. For he today that sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother.”  Greatness will come with time, practice and hard work.

    From the determination and work of the girls lacrosse team, success was also found.  Ending the season with a 6-1 record, they were proud of improving greatly on their record last year of 0-7-1 (W-T-L).  Even with only 13 players, and a new goalie, they were able to find triumph in a multitude of areas, both on the game field and off.  According to coach Gwen Lyons, players made immense improvements over the course of the season, both in skills as individuals and in working together as a cohesive team, so Lyons and the team are deciding whether or not to move up to the varsity level from JV next year.  And since they are losing no seniors this year, she hopes that the girls lacrosse team can only grow and improve with new players next year.

    In boys tennis, there was lots of success and improvement, however spliced here and there with some challenges.  The team started off the year with 16 players, 5 more than in 2015.  Many games were hard fought, and several first and second year players entered the team, presenting both a challenge and future opportunity for coach Lilli Cain.  However, the team played well, ending with a 9-5 record and losing in the qualifying playoff against Jericho.  However, the team grew in both size and strength, and ended the season, despite tennis being somewhat an individual sport, as better friends, teammates, and tennis players.

    In golf, triumph and true skill could also be found this spring.  Playing as a co-op team with U-32, they comprised 4 MHS and 3 U-32 players, and they won 3 out of 8 tournaments this year and placed third or better in all the others.  In sectionals for Division 1 at Champlain Country Club, they played hard and golfed with all their might, but unfortunately fell short of the mark that they would need to make it to Vermont finals.  In the state ranks, MHS ranked 7 out of 12, and will lose onely one graduating senior, Chris Ebersole, but coach Brian Cain is hopeful that they will soon grow as a team with the arrival of the new freshman class.

    And in baseball this spring, MHS fielded only 10 players, but the work and determination of those players was indomitable.  They won their last regular season game against Williamstown, allowing them to enter the playoffs, but unfortunately lost against number 1 seeded LeLand & Gray.  Ending their season with a 3-13 record, the baseball team had a difficult year, but was able to make strides in their play.  Next year, according to coach J.B. McCarthy, the team will be working on “hitting, pitching, and fielding errors”, skills which allowed them to be trodden upon during a few key games.  However, there were many great moments throughout the year, such as a very close 9-8 loss against high-ranked U-32 and the excellent pitching of Andrew and Richard Holt, who had 12 strikeouts against Thetford and 13 strikeouts against Williamstown, respectively.

    The boys ultimate frisbee team has seen great success throughout all parts of competition this spring.  With a hats-off record of 8-1 in their regular season and climb from last to third seed at Northeasterns, they have seen many great underdog victories and brought our small school onto the map.  In addition, the ultimate frisbee team won the Capital City Classic tournament, decisively defeating Northfield and Mount Hermon in the finals.  They won the Championships tournament in Williston after Essex in the finals, and they won the Spirit Award, with their B team receiving the honor of second place in Spirit.  So as it is quite clear, the boys ultimate team has a had quite a fruitful season, as a result of “exciting plays, layout scores, layout d’s, skies, and bookends.”  As for the individual players, Isaac A-Padberg has had a 96% pass completion rate, with Reed Browning throwing almost 90 assists and Ben Crane recording 37 scores.  Clearly, the MHS boys ultimate team is reaching great success, which was proven when, at a Northeasterns match, several MHS players were approached and recruited by players of another school, to whom they had lost.

    And in track, the team has only grown over the last three seasons, with 17 players this year.  According to coach Tim Noonan, all worked hard and made significant improvements throughout the season and all qualified in between one and four events for the Division III State Track and Field Championship.  At this tournament, MHS boys placed fourth and girls sixth.  Matt Hynes won three individual distance running events at the Championship, the 800, 1500, and 3000 meter races.  Karyka Taylor placed high in discus, javelin, and high jump, and Cricket Basa placed high in the long jump, 100, and 200 meter races.  All three qualified for the New England Track and Field Championship, but the entire team has achievements to be proud of.

    The Solon Spectrum was unable to contact the coaches of the girls ultimate frisbee team or the girls tennis team, but great job to the girls tennis team for winning their fourth championship in five years!

Certainly lots of sweat, blood, and maybe even tears was shed for Montpelier High School’s honor and sports reputation.  For their hard work improving their teams, their school, and themselves, the teams deserve an accolade.