This Year's Senior Prank - A Review

By Jackson Markow

This year’s senior prank - how was it?  Well, I’ve heard a lot of different things from a lot of different people.  Some said it was creative and funny, some said it was rather bland in contrast to last years rather “eventful” round of senior pranks.  And some, especially administrators, were just glad that it wasn’t as destructive.

    One thing to be noted was that, as sources who shall remain nameless tell me, the prank actually contained a lot more than what was seen the following morning in MHS.  There were elements that were cleaned up before they could truly be appreciated.  But the elements that were appreciated, I think, were pretty funny.  There must always be, in a senior prank, or even in any sort of comedic event, a balance between the playful and the cheeky, between the lawless but creative and the lawful but bland.  This balance comes up quite a bit in the world of TV comedy and satire, where presenters like Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, and Jeremy Clarkson have to constantly walk the fine line between what their network wants and deems “appropriate” and what their viewers think is hilarious.  It is a very similar line that the seniors of MHS have to walk every year, between what the administrators allow and what they (and the rest of the student body) think is edgy and creative.  And this year, the Class of 2016 did pretty well.

    The most prominent piece of the senior prank was the writing scribbled throughout the school in erasable marker, with phrases like “It was lit fam”, and creatively on the window of a biology classroom, “The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell!”  But there were also less prominent, even more creative pranks smattered throughout the school.  In the room of esteemed history teacher Mr. Tillotson were cleverly placed several manifestations of a long-standing dispute.

    Tillotson, who has been accused sporadically throughout the past year of being an aide for presidential candidate Donald Trump by Mr. Gallagher and others, was faced with his most vile fear on the morning after senior prank.  Despite his vehement opposition and denial of all claims of his relation to the Trump campaign, he found a Donald Trump mask and other Trump paraphernalia gaily adorning his classroom.

    However, not all pranks went through without a hitch.  An unidentified sticky substance was apparently placed on the doorknob of Mrs. Chabot’s classroom in attempt to catch her off guard.  However, she was able to elude this prank by coincidentally entering her room through another door.

    The MHS Class of 2016 will surely be remembered for some time for the creativity of this prank.  Could the erasable marker have been a little bit more original?  Perhaps.  Could the Chabot doorknob stunt have been better planned?  Maybe.  But what matters is that they did some pretty funny things without destroying the whole school.  (ahem...Class of ‘15)  But I think it can be better.  I think an even edgier, funnier, more creative senior class prank can be pulled off.  And whether or not that happens now is up to the Class of 2017.