Second Annual Youth Rally for the Planet Sends Message


By Violet Tabacco

As the world industrializes, up go carbon emissions and up go Earth’s temperatures. These rising temperatures cause detrimental effects on the environment and create a dreary future for the world’s wildlife, as well as humanity itself.

 The youth of today know that the fate of the planet will fall on their shoulders and are compelled to make sure that their voices are heard. On April 12th, hundreds of students from all over Vermont gathered on the Statehouse lawn for the second annual Youth Rally for the Planet.  The day started with a march from the VCFA green down to the Vermont State House. Student activists held signs and participated in chants encouraging lawmakers and citizens to support a greener planet. At the statehouse lawn, youth and legislators gathered in presenting speeches, poetry, and music relating to the environment. 

Photos by Lila Markow

The main goal of the rally was to show state and national legislators the support the next generation holds for energy conservation and efficiency, and carbon taxation.  In addition, the rally sought to spread the word about climate change and make their voices heard to the public.  And if anything, the hundreds of young people that showed up at the rally continued to fuel the movement for change for the planet.