2017-18 - Growth and Change for the MHS Debate Team


By Jackson Markow

It was a year that began with something new, and it is soon to end with something new.  

It was October, and as the first debate topic had just been released, the MHS Debate team began to meet weekly in Room 206.  However, this year, the team was quite different. . . . Read More

Why the Flag Matters


By Hana Nazerali-Ruddy

Black History Month - the one month each year when the world pays just a little more attention to the neglected accomplishments of black Americans throughout history. Regardless of your thoughts on Black History Month, it is unquestionably a reminder . . . Read More

Does MHS Have a Drug Problem?


By Jackson Markow

An article by San Francisco public radio station KQED distributed to TA's after an assembly presented by Michael Nerney on January 9, 2018

Comedian Bill Hicks said "If you want to understand a society, take a good look at the drugs it uses."  In that joke lies a grain of truth, as so many of America's successes and failures are evident in its cultural drug . . . Read More

Oh, the Places You'll Go!


By Emma Harter

Dr. Seuss wrote a book titled Oh, The Places You’ll Go! in which he emphasized the beauty of a life filled with adventure. MHS is a community that encourages learning beyond the school campus, beyond Vermont, and beyond graduation. For this reason, MHS fosters adventurous minds desiring to travel.

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” Where are the students of MHS steering themselves? This map allows you to see where MHS students choose to adventure and why they wish to experience the journey. . . . View Map

Solon Spectrum February 2018 Poll


Violet Tabacco

Every month, we'll be putting out a poll to hear your opinion on what the Spectrum should cover as well as other school issues.  Click the link below to take this quick (3-question poll), and see the overall results instantly!  

February 2018 Poll

What exactly is Solon Block and what is its intended purpose?


By Willem Slade

In the beginning of the 2017/2018 school year, as a junior at the Montpelier High School, I held the quite uneducated notion that Solon Block was merely a small chunk of time for students who, for whatever reason, were not able to complete their work by the assigned due date. I had wrongfully assumed that it was a ploy by teachers . . . Read More

The Evolution of MHS Recess: an Exposée


By Graham Janson

As you may have figured out already, Montpelier High School isn’t an ordinary American public high school. Part of what makes our school unique is that we have ten minutes of the school day, four days a week, devoted to recess every day. Having been in this school for four years . . . Read More

Preparedness: What does it mean to you?


By Hunter Dutton and Andy Gasal

There have been some questions about the concept of preparedness, and how it’s used in practice (in MHS's proficiency-based grading system). Students have questions about where it originated from, and why it was implemented. Parents wonder . . . Read More

New Pizza Oven Brings Education, Community, and Pizza to MHS


By Jackson Markow

Almost anyone with an observant eye has noticed this spring, summer, and autumn, the periodic buzz of activity filling the MHS courtyard.  And now, when one walks through the courtyard, or from the end of the science wing to the greenhouse, it is hard to miss . . . Read More

2017 Student Council Election Results


By Hana Nazerali-Ruddy

Student council election results are out! If you didn't catch it on the announcements Friday morning, you can find everything you need to know right here. . . . View Election Results

Nedde Flushes the Toilet on Gender Neutral Bathrooms in City Center


By Faith Bolqués and Lila Markow

As our society becomes more accepting of LGBTQIA+ people, gender identity has become an important topic of discussion. Gender specific bathrooms are no longer . . . Read More

Earth Group Takes Action to Promote Water Bottle Alternatives


By George Huang

As the Montpelier High School Earth Group gears up to sell their plastic reusable water bottles, I had the fantastic opportunity to interview some Earth Group members . . . Read More

2017 Student Council Candidates


By Jackson Markow

     As the body in charge of representing the interests of the students of Montpelier High School to the school's administration, including the faculty, staff, and school board, the MHS Student Council's members are elected . . . Read More and a Profile of This Year's Candidates

Second Annual Youth Climate Rally Sends Message


By Violet Tabacco

As the world industrialises, up go carbon emissions and up go Earth’s temperatures. These rising temperatures . . . Read More

Voland Works with MHS Jazz Combos


By Lila Markow

On April 13, jazz musician George Voland came to Montpelier High School to work with the two MHS jazz combos . . . Read More

Proficiency Based Grading Fits In at MHS

By Lila Markow and Violet Tabacco

Entering the 2016-17 school year, Montpelier High School took a new approach to learning with a brand new grading system.  Based on a one to four scale, the new system, known as Proficiency Based Grading, incorporates . . . Read More

What is PLAY Mentoring?

By Jackson Markow 

Every Wednesday, roughly 36 students leave home bright and early to head out to either Main Street Middle School or Union Elementary school, well before school . . . Read More

Some Words on Winter Solstice

By Juna Nagle


With short days and long nights, the signs of winter have commenced. Even though darkness sweeps the town early, the rise . . . Read More

Holiday Drives and Fundraisers


MHS is involved in, or hosting, quite a few holiday fundraisers in order to help those in need and give back to the community.  In order to help MHS students and staff understand all . . . Read More

MHS Masque presents . . .

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying 

December, 15, 16, & 17 at 7;00 PM

Come see Masque's fall production for 2016!  Directed by Kianna Bromley, his Pulitzer . . . Read More

The Great Trix Trick (Satire)

By William Toth

Schools across America are plagued by an insufficient quality of breakfast cereal. The universal problem with these (normally) tasty and fun , , , Read More

MHS Seniors 2016 - Wise Words

By Jackson Markow

Well, it’s been another year, and that means only one thing.  Another class that’s been at MHS for a long, long, long, long . . . well, you get the picture - time.  So on their final week (final normal week, that is) before their departure, the Solon Spectrum decided to interview a few anonymous seniors . . . Read More

Mindful Midterms

By Kayla Woodman

The midterms and finals season, as we know, is a very stressful time of the year, and in that case, it is very hard to remember how to take care of yourself. . . . Read More

Winter Sports Thank Yous

By Kayla Woodman

To all who have participated in winter sports this year, the Solon Spectrum would like to send a thank you for all of your hard work.  The teams . . . Read More

2016 - A Fruitful Season for MHS Debate

By Jackson Markow

From February 13-15, two MHS debate teams and MHS debate coach Marijke Russo debated at the annual Harvard Invitational Debate in Cambridge Massachusetts. . . .Read More

The Past, Present, and Future of The Solon Spectrum

By Jackson Markow

The Solon Spectrum is back this year in an all new iteration, but the history of The Solon Spectrum and of other past newspapers at MHS goes back a long time. . . .  Read More

In Remembrance of Lara Sobel

By Kayla Woodman

On August 7th, 2015, DCF Social Worker Lara Sobel's life was tragically ended . . . Read More

Where's Winter?

By Jackson Markow

Have you been wondering lately where any of the signs that you live in Vermont and that it is winter have been?  Well, if you have been, you certainly are right to! . . . Read More

MHS English Teacher Wins Poetry Award

By Kayla Woodman

On September 26th, Montpelier High School English teacher Kerrin McCadden was presented with the first ever Vermont Book Award for her poetry by the Vermont College of Fine Arts.  Kerrin is notable. . . Read More