Montpelier High School’s New Teachers

By Violet Tabacco

This year some new faculty and staff joined the Montpelier High School community. I wanted to get to know our new teachers better so I interviewed three of them to learn more about who they are, why they’re interested in teaching, and what they hope to achieve as teachers here at MHS.

Violet Tabacco: What are your hobbies/interests?

Allison Waring: I like to spend a lot of time outdoors so I do a lot of canoeing, hiking, fishing, and camping. So basically if it’s done outside that’s what I like to do.

Kianna Bromley: I like to do theater, I sing, and I perform as well. I have two little kids so I spend a lot of time with them doing what they like to do. In the winter I telemark ski and snowboard which is one of my big winter hobbies. And in the summer I’m learning how to mountain bike, that’s new.

Liz Swindell: I love to make art which I do all the time. I make jewelry pretty frequently, so I have a little studio at my house where I make earrings. I love to mountain bike and I do that that three or four times a week. I also snowboard and splitboard in the winter.

VT: Did you always want to be a teacher?

AW: No, when I did my undergrad in college I wanted to do environmental research and collect data and analyze it but then I started doing that in college and I realized that was a lot of sitting behind a computer and typing numbers into excel and that was, I found, pretty boring and so I wanted to something a little more engaging with other people and education was a way to do that.

KB: Yeah! My undergrad is in secondary education, I taught for two years at a different school before I left and got my masters so I have been teaching and I’m coming back to teaching. I’ve always wanted to work with others. I probably, throughout my life, won’t always be just working with students, but I really enjoy problem solving and helping out others figure out how they problem solve, no matter what area it is in.

LS: Yes! My fifteen year old self would have said that I would be an art teacher. Then, I had to go try different things in my twenties. I taught science and adventure for five years before I went back to school to be an Art Teacher

VT: What is your main goal/purpose for teaching?

AW: My main goal with teaching science is to allow students to see that science is something that can be done versus just learned about and so my main goal is to really get students engaged in doing science and to find it more enjoyable than just reading about it in a book or seeing it in Powerpoint slides.

KB: I really want to help the flexible pathways program grow and I really want to help advocate for the performing arts.

LS: I really want to create a space that everyone feels comfortable being in and I want students to feel successful even if they don’t think that they have natural artistic abilities. I want art to be really fun.