MHS's "43rd" Harvest Festival


By Jackson Markow


    On October 30, the energy that flowed through the air of the MHS gymnasium could only be described as electric.  And this was especially true when this year's MC was announced to be MHS's one and only Isaac Mears.  The day so far had been going according to plan, and after that point, it only went more according to plan, and as I’m sure you know, it only got more and more interesting from there.

    The morning was kicked off with the usual presentation by MHS teacher Tom Sabo about this year’s harvest festival theme: food waste.  It was somewhat related to last year’s theme - food insecurity - but this year with more emphasis being placed on the millions of tons of food being wasted every year and the harm that comes to Earth from this food waste.

    After the assembly, students broke into TA groups to go deeper into this topic by watching Just Eat It, a documentary about food waste and food insecurity that was cited by several students and faculty as a real eye-opener to the amount of useful food that is thrown away at all times.  A discussion followed the the showing of the film, and many interesting new ideas and concepts were brainstormed that could help solve this problem.  In the Myotte-Parker TA group, an idea was brought up to save food by sorting it into different classes and selling them on a price curve, with the lowest grade being free or going to those in need.  The student who thought of it called it “FoodClassTM”.  Other very interesting ideas were brought up as well, such as taxing farmers on food they throw away, and voiding that fee when it is donated instead.

    Next, everyone went off to their own workshops to participate in a constructive activity until lunch.  The workshops were varied widely, but all connected back to the theme of food waste.  Some workshops, such as Radio!, worked directly to solve the problem, by creating a PSA to air on WGDR that would raise awareness for the problem.  Others worked toward lowering MHS’s carbon footprint, by growing, harvesting, and processing all the food for the festival either on the MHS campus or from local farms.  There was a group that worked in the heat of an outdoor oven to bake the flatbread for lunch.  The dough was created before this by another group.  One group in the greenhouse de-husked the garlic and separated the cloves to go into our food.

    After all the hard work was done, the food was prepared, and the TA tables had been decorated with much competition and creativity, everyone gathered in the gymnasium.  Once all had sat down and quieted down, Mr. Sabo introduced, to the excitement of the crowd, this year’s MC, Isaac Mears!  Then the real fun began.  Everyone began to eat, and Isaac told the “true” story of Tom Sabo’s life before the “43rd” Annual Harvest Festival (The Solon Spectrum spoke to Sabo: It was actually the 7th).  The festivities continued with many performances, ranging from rock, to folk, to jazz, to classical, to break dancing, and even to operatic vocals!  It truly was a showcase of the wide range of talents we have here at MHS.  

    And at the end of the day, when all had eaten their fill, Isaac had fed us our fill of Isaac jokes, and all the performers had performed, faculty and students alike left that day with more aware about the problem of food waste, but also knowing what a great community we have here at MHS.