Humans of MHS #1 - Cynthia Hooker

By Jackson Markow

#1 - 4/2017

What is Humans of MHS?

    I can say, with fairly certain confidence, that nobody knows every other person who attends or works at Montpelier High School.  Most people have friends, classmates, or colleagues who they know and interact with regularly.  And MHS is not a very large school.  With 296 students, 37 teachers, and around the same number of faculty, it is definitely smaller than the average US high school.  After a few years, most people get to know a large portion of the population here, at least to some extent.

    That said, everyone has some people who they don’t know.  Whether they have never had classes with them, or seem to have no mutual friends, or by some other form of distance throughout the school, there is always that slice of the population that is dark and you have never known about, nor will you ever known about (until now).

    And that is where Humans of MHS comes in.  Based loosely on the blog Humans of New York, the Solon Spectrum will publish monthly an article telling a bit about someone’s life.  It may be a student, or it may be a faculty member, or it may be staff member.  You may know them, or you may not, but there is always someone who doesn’t.  It is that person (or people) that we strive to reach.  By informing them on that person, we hope to also entertain them and provide them with a little morsel of information that they can carry with them and maybe even use someday use when they meet them.  So enjoy getting to know more people!


For April 2017, we decided to interview Cindy Hooker.

What is your name?

My name is Cynthia Hooker.


What do you do at MHS?

I am a systems manager, which means I am a district employee - not just an employee of the high school - and I do anything that has to do with databases, whether it’s Powerschool in all three schools, such as SBAC assessments, grading, or scheduling.  So anything that has to do on the computer with running the student databases or testing databases, it’s all me.


Tell us something about your life before MHS.

Well it’s been a long life.  I was born and raised in Barre.  I have two sisters, and one of them I am the twin of.  I have attended Miami-Dade Junior College and Lyndon State College.  I have been a teacher of physical education and driver’s education in a couple of schools in the state.  I worked for the Vermont Association of Realtors for 24 years.  And I have worked here, this will be my 14th year.  So I have a long history.  I also was a telephone operator, back when the New England Telephone Company was here on School Street in Montpelier.


Tell us something that you love about life.

I like a challenge, because I like learning new things.  I love family.  I have a granddaughter.  Her name is Brianne, and she is three years old.  I have a son and a daughter that live in Vermont.  My husband is retired.  I like to golf, I like to kayak - I used to like all types of sports.  I’m too old to do a lot of the team sports, but I still like to do individual sports.


What is one thing, about your life or about the world, that you wish wasn’t true.

I don’t know if you can write this, but I wish that more people had a strong religious belief.  It’s my own personal feelings, I am a Christian, and I feel like the world today needs more moral values that you can get out of being a religious person.


What is an interesting thing about you?

Something interesting is the fact that I am a twin.  Double me, double trouble, as you say.


Is there anything you have to say to the people of MHS?  If so, what?

Sure.  I certainly enjoy working here, the people are awesome, and for the most part I think that the school system, and the offerings that the school gives to the kids have a good reputation.  The teachers and the administrators and the staff work really hard for the students and I think it’s a great place to work.