Humans of MHS #2 - Banyan Thompson

#2 - 5/2017

By Jackson Markow

*Note:  If you haven't yet read Humans of MHS #1, read it here!  It explains exactly what this column is and why it matters.

For May 2017, the Solon Spectrum interviewed Banyan Thompson.

What is your name?
Banyan Thompson.

What do you do at MHS?
I go to school here.

Tell us something about your life before MHS.
I was in middle school at MSMS.

Tell us something that you like about being a student at MHS.
I think it’s a pretty nice, relaxed learning environment.

What is one thing, about your life or about the world, that you wish wasn’t true?
I wish that the world was flat.

What is an interesting thing about you?
That’s hard to say.  I have a really small dog called Stanley.

Is there anything you have to say to the people of MHS?  If so, what?
Do your best.