Earth Group Takes Action to Promote Water Bottle Alternatives


By George Huang

 A photo promoting the Earth Group's new BPA-free water bottles on Snapchat. Taken by Asa Richardson-Skinder.

A photo promoting the Earth Group's new BPA-free water bottles on Snapchat. Taken by Asa Richardson-Skinder.

As the Montpelier High School Earth Group gears up to sell their plastic reusable water bottles, I had the fantastic opportunity to interview some Earth Group members, finding out how the group is trying to combat climate change. As President Donald J. Trump pulls the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, it would appear that the Earth Group is going to have to fight harder than ever to stop global warming. So, how are they stepping up to the challenge?

When asked about the initiatives the Earth Group is currently undertaking, Meredith Stetter says, “We are going to sell bags made out of grain.” and Emily Sheftman continues, “We are also selling Earth Group water bottles. They’re very nice. We are selling them in a limited batch, so go get em’. The water bottles, pictured to the right, go on sale Friday, June 2nd for $5.

Stetter also suggests some simple tips every student and their families can incorporate for a greener lifestyle, stating, “Compost, know what goes in recycling and what goes in the trash, carpool, try to spread out your laundry so you’re not doing loads every day, and take shorter showers.” Sheftman adds, “Stop buying the plastic water bottles from the cafeteria.”, which is an issue the Earth Group has trying to tackle. Their solution: a halt on any and all cafeteria water bottle sales, which they have been advocating for by speaking to the School Board and through the sale of reusable water bottles to the student population.

While Vermont may seem relatively green, Isabelle Francke has comments regarding some local environmental issues, stating “Farmers are a local issue because they really like to ignore environmental regulations.” As Earth gets warmer by the minute, and more and more ecosystems are damaged and destroyed, the Montpelier High School Earth Group has a big challenge ahead of them.

You can follow the MHS Earth Group on Twitter @mhsearthgroup, and can support them by purchasing some water bottles Friday, June 2nd!