Humans of MHS #7


By Maple Perchlik

This month, as I thought about my upcoming article for Humans of MHS, I thought, "Why don’t we make this month’s release a little different?"  I feel like sometimes the humans of MHS that I see everyday . . . Read More

Humans of MHS #6 - Racial Justice Alliance


By Lila Markow

This month for the Humans of MHS column, the Solon Spectrum decided to interview two sophomores, MaryAnn Songhurst and Mandy Abu-Aziz about the Racial Justice Alliance. . . . Read More

Humans of MHS #5 - Musicians


By Maple Perchlik and Maddie Friend

Two writers for the Solon Spectrum are back this month with the fifth edition of Humans of MHS.  This month they've uncovered the stories of three MHS musicians, providing a window into an important, yet often . . . Read More

Humans of MHS #4 - International Students


By Maple Perchlik, Emma Harter, and Natalia Volobueva

This year the Solon Spectrum noticed there are many new international faces in the MHS community and we wanted to better get to know them and the stories they have to tell.  So a new group of Spectrum writers decided . . . Read More

Humans of MHS #3 - Joe Carroll

#3 - 6/2017

By Jackson Markow

For June 2017, the Solon Spectrum interviewed Joe Carroll. . . . Read More

What Makes a Good Student?  What Makes a Good Teacher?


By Faith Bolqués

    Most teachers, regardless of what or who they teach, tend to have a set idea of what exactly they should do to make the best of their teaching. Whether that is creating relationships with their students . . . Read More

Humans of MHS #2 - Banyan Thompson

#2 - 5/2017

By Jackson Markow

For May 2017, the Solon Spectrum interviewed Banyan Thompson. . . . Read More

Humans of MHS #1 - Cynthia Hooker

By Jackson Markow

#1 - 1/2017

What is Humans of MHS?

    I can say, with fairly certain confidence, that nobody knows every other person who attends or works at Montpelier High School.  Most people have friends, classmates, or colleagues who they know and interact with regularly. . . . Read More


A Curated Selection of December Memes

By Lila Markow, Faith Bolqués, and Violet Tabacco


Read Article

Mental Health Gets to Know Kayla Woodman

By Kayla Woodman

Mental health has a lot of hidden and inaccurate facts, and is a very broad subject.  The Google definition of mental health is “a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.”  The actual definition . . . Read More

Mixed Anxiety-Depressive Disorder

By Kayla Woodman

Mixed anxiety-depressive disorder (MADD) is a disorder where someone suffers both anxiety and depression at the same intensity. If you seem more depressed than you seem anxious then you don’t have it. If you feel depressed and anxious at the same time . . . Read More

Ask Andrew

By Andrew Scully


This school seems to be very involved with music. Choirs, band, orchestra, musicals, people randomly playing guitar in the's nice to be at a place so open to many different forms of musical expression. With most high schools, though, it seems like the 'best' musicians are quickly established and seem to direct all the attention to themselves. Do you think that there are any other musicians that work just as hard but get less recognition, such as the ones who can't just have their parents pay for private lessons? And if so, is there a way to get as much praise as people who own the spotlight, leaving no room for any new players/singers?

Response Here


How do you stay patient with people who drive you crazy?

        Well, first let me say, thank you for your response. Secondly, I stay patient with people who drive me crazy by not paying any attention to what they say and/or do. I know this may not sound as appealing as it does to me, but if they continue to drive you up the wall, just listen to some music. It really helps to tune them out, and just be with your thoughts. It doesn't have to be as loud as mine, but it really helps just calm me down after a long stressful day. Also, if you play an instrument, just play it. Play whatever kind of music, or create your own.