I sit in a room with my eyes



I sit in a room with my eyes

and I am surrounded by my thoughts

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MHS Art Show Draws a Crowd, Displays Diverse Talent


By Violet Tabacco, photos by Adam Blair and Lila Markow

     On Thursday, May 25th, the Montpelier High School Art Show brought many students, parents, and community members together to look at student art. The art varied from pencil sketches to . . . Read More

MHS Art In the Style of Famous Artists


Over the past two months, MHS's Art 1 and Art 2 classes taught by Barb Austin-Hutchins have been working on art in the style of famous artists.  Here are the results of a few artists' hard work: . . . View

The Snowball Fight


By Andy Gasal

A bit of winter fun for the last few days of winter . . . Read

America by Andy Gasal


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This Is The Dream


By Rehana Nazerali-Ruddy

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MHS Winter Poetry Submissions

Curated by Christie Cecere and Violet Tabacco

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Montpelier High School Student Art - March 2016

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