MHS Art Show Draws a Crowd, Displays Diverse Talent


By Violet Tabacco, photos by Adam Blair and Lila Markow

     On Thursday, May 25th, the Montpelier High School Art Show brought many students, parents, and community members together to look at student art. The art varied from pencil sketches to Paris Craft sculptures and was displayed all over the MHS gymnasium. Every student in an MHS art class (Art I, Art II, Advanced Art or Independant Art) had some type of their work on display. Mediums presented included oil paint, acrylic paint, watercolor, clay, metals, plaster, Paris Craft, graphite pencil, oil pastel and more. At 7:30 there was a space-themed fashion show displaying fashion pieces created with recycled materials and designed by Art II, Advanced Art and Independent Art Students. Students worked independently over a span of two months to complete their space-inspired garments. 

Live music was performed by FLVT, a band composed of MHS sophomores and juniors, Ericson Scott, Machlan Petterson, and Chase Ruel. They played a few original songs as well as covers of Phish, Ween and the Velvet Underground.